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Brief History

The College of Business of Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology has been authorized by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan to offer undergraduate and graduate programs since 1996. The development history of business-related programs in Southern Taiwan University of Science and Technology is outlined as follows:
1971 Department of Industrial Engineering and Management established
1990.Department of International Business established
.Department of Business Administration established
1991.Department of Finance established
.Department of Information Management established
1992.Department of Accounting Information established
.Department of Leisure, Recreation, and Tourism established
1998 Department of Marketing and Logistics established
2000 Master program of Information Management established
2001 Two colleges related to business education were established as below.
.The College of Commerce consisted of the Department of Finance, the Department Accounting Information, and the Department of International Business.
.The College of Management consisted of the Department of Business Administration, the Department of Information Management, the Department of Management and Information (originally Department of Industrial Engineering and Management), the Department of Marketing and Logistics, and the Department of Leisure, Recreation, and Tourism.

.Master program of Industrial Management established
.Master program of Business Administration (MBA) established
2002.Master program of International Business established
.Master program of Accounting Information established
.Master program of Marketing and Logistics established
2003.Master program of Finance established
.Master program of Leisure, Recreation, and Tourism Management established
.Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) program established
.Institute of Financial and Economic Law established (offering LL.M degree)
2005 International MBA (IMBA) program established
2006 Department of Hospitality Management established
2007 Institute of Technology Management established (offering Master of Science degree)
2008 The College of Commerce and the College of Management were merged and named as the College of Business.
2009 The Independent Bachelor Degree Program of e-Business established
2012 Master program of Hospitality Management established
2013 Ph.D. Program in Business and Management established
2014.Bachelor Program of International Business established
.Bachelor Program of International Finance established
2016 Department of Management and Information renamed as the Department of Industrial Management and Information
All departments in the College of Business were accredited by ACCSB during August 2014-July 2018.

The College of Business was accredited by AACSB in May 2017.