Department of Accounting Information

 NamePosition OfficeExt. Email
 Chung-Wen Hung (洪崇文)Professor T11035500
 Chien-Hung Hsueh (薛建宏)Associate Professor T09388138
 Hui-Shan Wei (魏慧珊)Associate Professor T12288428
 Yi-Hua Lin (林憶樺)Assistant Professor T11058305
 Zhao-Xian Lu (呂昭顯)Assistant Professor T12368405
 Zong-Yi Cai (蔡宗益)Assistant Professor T09448144
 Shu-Ling Hsu (許淑玲)Assistant Professor T0944-18194
 Cong-Hao Wu (吳聰皓)Assistant Professor T09458145
 Wei-De He (何威德)Assistant ProfessorT0945-1 8195
 Yin-Shu Lin (林尹淑)Lecturer T09458145

All departments in the College of Business were conferred the certificate of ACCSB in June 2014.

The College of Business was conferred the certificate of AACSB in May 2017.