Department of Accounting Information

Chung-Wen Hung (洪崇文)
Chien-Hung Hsueh (薛建宏)Associate
Hui-Shan Wei (魏慧珊)Associate
Yi-Hua Lin (林憶樺)Assistant
Zhao-Xian Lu (呂昭顯)Assistant
Zong-Yi Cai (蔡宗益)Assistant
Shu-Ling Hsu (許淑玲)Assistant
Cong-Hao Wu (吳聰皓)Assistant
Wei-De He (何威德)Assistant
Yin-Shu Lin (林尹淑)

All departments in the College of Business were accredited by ACCSB during August 2014-July 2018.

The College of Business was accredited by AACSB in May 2017.