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Department of Finance

 NamePosition OfficeExt. Email
 Te-Kuang Chou (周德光)Professor E6114000 dkchou@stust.edu.tw
 Hsiao-Jung Chen (陳曉蓉)Professor S408-2A 5321 hjchen@stust.edu.tw
 Ching-Chang Wang (王慶昌)Associate Professor S408-85327  johnsig@stust.edu.tw
 Shan-Tsair Chang (張上財)Associate Professor S408-3B5336 shang@stust.edu.tw
 Yung-Chi Chang (張永佶)Associate Professor T09358135 keyuse@stust.edu.tw
 Ching-Yi Wang (王靜怡)Associate Professor S408-4A5337 wcyi@stust.edu.tw
 Chi-Ming Ho (何啟銘)Associate Professor S4055300 z0q@stust.edu.tw
 Yuan-Ming Li (李源明)Associate Professor T09288128 lym0436@stust.edu.tw
 Huey-Cherng Tsai (蔡惠丞)Assistant Professor T09268126 hctasi@stust.edu.tw
 Jyh-Tay Su (蘇志泰)Assistant Professor S408-4B5323 rogersu@stust.edu.tw
 Ya-Chi Lin (林雅智)Assistant Professor S408-3A5322 yclin@stust.edu.tw
 Yueh-Chung Chu (朱岳中)Assistant Professor T09348134 finycc@stust.edu.tw
 Ko-Chieh Chen (陳可杰)Assistant Professor S408-4B5323 kochieh@stust.edu.tw
 Hai-Ching Liu (劉海清)Assistant Professor S408-75326 hcl@stust.edu.tw
 Min-Chang Chang (張民昌)Assistant Professor S408-4A5337 zq8@stust.edu.tw
 Huey-Cherng Tsai (林容萱)Assistant Professor T09268126 hctasi@stust.edu.tw
 Ping-Chen Tsai (蔡秉真)Assistant Professor T10478247 vincenttsai@stust.edu.tw
 Chin-Lin Chuang (莊淨琳)Lecturer S408-65325 jinglin@stust.edu.tw

All departments in the College of Business were accredited by ACCSB during August 2014-July 2018.

The College of Business was accredited by AACSB in May 2017.