Department of Marketing and Logistics Management

 NamePosition OfficeExt.Email
 Chi-Kang Lee (李治綱) Professor  T0908 8108
 Chih-Hung Lin (林志鴻) Professor  T0202 4700
 Chi-Hsiang Lin (林吉祥) Associate Professor  T1112 8312
 Wen-Hung Huang (黃文宏) Associate Professor  T1116 8316
 Chung-Ming Kuo (郭重明) Associate Professor  T1115 8315
 Ying-Yuh Huang (黃盈裕) Associate Professor  T1117 8317
 Shyh-Ming Huang (黃識銘) Associate Professor  T1128 8328
 I-Chiang Wang (王怡強) Associate Professor  T1124 8324
 Chung-Cheng Huang (黃仲正) Associate Professor  T1119 8319
 Sheng-Hsiung Chuang (莊勝雄) Assistant Professor  T1113 8313
HSIN-HUNG CHEN (陳信宏) Assistant Professor  T605-1 4921
 Kun-Shou Shih (施坤壽) Assistant Professor  T1118 8318
 Ming-Chi Chiu (邱明琦) Assistant Professor  T1126 8326
 Ming-Chih Chung (鍾明志) Assistant Professor  T1111 8311
 Chu-Chun Tang (唐楚君) Assistant Professor  T1125 8325
 Ya-Ling Tsai (蔡雅玲) Assistant Professor  T1123 8323

All departments in the College of Business were conferred the certificate of ACCSB in June 2014.

The College of Business was conferred the certificate of AACSB in May 2017.