Department of Leisure, Recreation, and Tourism Management

 NamePosition Office Ext. Email
 Shih-Pin Su (蘇世斌)Professor T302 
 Yi-Fong Wang (王逸峰)Associate Professor T03027307
 Jui-Hsien Ling (淩瑞賢)Associate Professor T0605-34923
 Chih-Ching Yang (楊智晶)Associate Professor T0605-112500
 Shun-Chuan Lin (林舜涓)Associate Professor T0605-124932
 Ching-He Shih (石慶賀)Associate Professor T0605-74927
 Hung-Yu Shih (施鴻瑜)Associate Professor T605-6 4926
 Chin-Yi Lin (林勤益)Associate Professor 
 Ting-Yueh Chang (張婷玥)Assistant Professor T605-144934
 Huiling Chen (陳慧玲)Assistant Professor T0605-54925
 Shuling Huang (黃淑玲)Assistant Professor L0011601
 Ying-Jen Pan (潘盈仁)Assistant Professor T601-3  4937
 Pei-Han Yang (楊蓓涵)Assistant Professor T605-8  4928
 Chia-Chun Wang (王嘉淳)Assistant Professor T601-44938
 Ling-Mei Ko (柯伶玫)Assistant Professor T0601-14900
 Bih-Chung Tsay (蔡必昌)Lecturer T0605-134933

All departments in the College of Business were accredited by ACCSB during August 2014-July 2018.

The College of Business was accredited by AACSB in May 2017.