Global Master of Business Administration

 NamePosition OfficeExt. Email
 Ta-Chung Chu (朱大中)Professor D203-24100
 Wurong Shih (施武榮)Professor E6054600
 Te-Kuang Chou (周德光)Professor  E6064000
 Chung-Chou Hu (胡中州)Professor T12348434
 Ching-Chung Lin (林靖中)Professor S508-85128
 Chi-Hsiang Lin (林吉祥)Associate Professor T11128312
 Feng-Hueih Huarng (黃峰蕙)Associate Professor S308-44523
 Gi-Shian Su (蘇吉祥)Associate Professor S508-135133
 Ying-Yuh Huang (黃盈裕)Associate Professor T11178317
 Chia-Hua Chang (張嘉華)Associate Professor D103-24145
 Yung-Chie Chang (張永佶)Associate Professor T09358135
 Chih-Hao Chang (章至豪)Assistant Professor L305-44321
 Shu-Ling Chen (陳淑玲)Assistant Professor D204-14130
 Mei-Chin Chu (朱美琴)Assistant Professor S508-165136
 Tan-Ching Liang (梁丹青)Assistant Professor T11377114
 Tzu-Li Wang (王姿力)Assistant Professor S308-1A4528
 Hui Yan (顏慧)Assistant Professor D2044130
 Ya-Ling Tsai (蔡雅玲)Assistant Professor T11238323
 Yi-Hua Lin (林憶樺)Assistant Professor T11058305
 Yu-Li Lin (林育理)Assistant Professor T12388438

All departments in the College of Business were accredited by ACCSB during August 2014-July 2018.

The College of Business was accredited by AACSB in May 2017.