Bachelor Program of Electronic Business

 NamePosition OfficeExt Email
 Min-Tsai Lai (賴明材)Professor E6064000
 Jen-Peng Huang (黃仁鵬)Professor L305-14322
 Wurong Shih (施武榮)Professor D203-24100
 Tsang-Hsiang Cheng (鄭滄祥)Professor S3064500
 Chih-Hung Ting (丁志宏)Professor S0308-54524
Chung-Wen Hung (洪崇文)Associate Professor L04025500
 Chao-Yi Wu (吳昭儀)Associate Professor L314-14333
 Chia-Hua Wu (吳家驊)Associate Professor T09198119
 Chia-Hua Chang (張嘉華)Associate Professor D103-2 4145
 Te-Kuang Chou (周德光)Associate Professor E611 5000
 Chih-Hao Chang (章至豪)Assistant Professor L305-44321
 Zhao-Xian Lu (呂昭顯)Assistant Professor T12368405
 Hsien-Tsung Liao (廖顯宗)Assistant Professor D103-14144
 Shu-Ling Chen (陳淑玲)Assistant Professor D204-14130
 Kuam-Yeh Tung (童冠燁)Assistant Professor T11048304
 Ko-Chieh Chen (陳可杰)Assistant Professor S408-4B5323
 Cong-Hao Wu (吳聰皓)Assistant Professor T09458145

All departments in the College of Business were conferred the certificate of ACCSB in June 2014.

The College of Business was conferred the certificate of AACSB in May 2017.