Bachelor Program of Electronic Business

 NamePosition OfficeExt Email
 Min-Tsai Lai (賴明材)Professor E6064000
 Jen-Peng Huang (黃仁鵬)Professor L305-14322
 Wurong Shih (施武榮)Professor D203-24100
 Tsang-Hsiang Cheng (鄭滄祥)Professor S3064500
 Chih-Hung Ting (丁志宏)Professor S0308-54524
Chung-Wen Hung (洪崇文)Associate Professor L04025500
 Chao-Yi Wu (吳昭儀)Associate Professor L314-14333
 Chia-Hua Wu (吳家驊)Associate Professor T09198119
 Chia-Hua Chang (張嘉華)Associate Professor D103-24145
 Te-Kuang Chou (周德光)Associate Professor E6115000
 Chih-Hao Chang (章至豪)Assistant Professor L305-44321
 Zhao-Xian Lu (呂昭顯)Assistant Professor T12368405
 Hsien-Tsung Liao (廖顯宗)Assistant Professor D103-14144
 Shu-Ling Chen (陳淑玲)Assistant Professor D204-14130
 Kuam-Yeh Tung (童冠燁)Assistant Professor T11048304
 Ko-Chieh Chen (陳可杰)Assistant Professor S408-4B5323
 Tsung‐Hao Wu (吳聰皓)Assistant Professor T09458145

All departments in the College of Business were accredited by ACCSB during August 2014-July 2018.

The College of Business was accredited by AACSB in May 2017.