Department of Industrial Management and Information Technology

 Ta-Chung Chu (朱大中)Professor D203-24100
 Chung-Ho Chen (陳忠和)Professor D2034129
 Wurong Shih (施武榮)Professor E6054600
 Tzu-Hsien Lee (李慈賢)Professor D2024126
 Cheng-Yu Lee (李振宇)Professor T11358335
 Chia-Hua Chang (張嘉華)Associate Professor D103-24145
 Jieh-Rern Ding (丁介人)Associate Professor D204-2 4131
 Jeng-jung Fang (方正中)Associate Professor D205 4136
 Chao-Chin Kan (甘兆欽)Associate Professor T0922 8122
 Kao-Cheng Lin (林高正)Associate Professor D201 4123 
 Pei-Huang Lin (林培煌)Associate Professor D203 4128
 Ching-Lu Chiu (邱清爐)Associate Professor D201-5 4150
 Sen-Chou Chen (陳森洲)Associate Professor D201 4121
 Wen-Hong Tseng (曾文宏)Associate Professor D201 4122
 Chen-Sheng Huang (黃振勝) Associate Professor D102-1 2330
 Jin-Shan Yang (楊金山)Associate Professor D204-3 4132
 Jung-Hsiang Yen (顏榮祥)Associate Professor D204-44133
 Peng-Sen Wang (王鵬森)Assistant Professor T09218121
 Shu-Ling Chen (陳淑玲)Assistant Professor D204-1 4130
 Hsien-Tsung Liao (廖顯宗)Assistant Professor D103-1 4144
 Hui Yan (顏慧)Assistant Professor D2044130
 Bi-Ching Tseng (曾碧卿)Assistant Professor D104-44147
 Hong-Gim Wang (王鴻鈞)Lecturer L2114128
 Ti-Y Tien (田倜宇)Lecturer C1052401

All departments in the College of Business were conferred the certificate of ACCSB in June 2014.

The College of Business was conferred the certificate of AACSB in May 2017.