Department of Industrial Management and Information Technology

 Ta-Chung Chu (朱大中)Professor D203-24100
 Chung-Ho Chen (陳忠和)Professor D2034129
 Wurong Shih (施武榮)Professor E6054600
 Tzu-Hsien Lee (李慈賢)Professor D2024126
 Cheng-Yu Lee (李振宇)Professor T11358335
 Chia-Hua Chang (張嘉華)Associate Professor D103-24145
 Jieh-Rern Ding (丁介人)Associate Professor D204-2 4131
 Jeng-jung Fang (方正中)Associate Professor D205 4136
 Chao-Chin Kan (甘兆欽)Associate Professor T0922 8122
 Kao-Cheng Lin (林高正)Associate Professor D201 4123 
 Pei-Huang Lin (林培煌)Associate Professor D203 4128
 Ching-Lu Chiu (邱清爐)Associate Professor D201-5 4150
 Sen-Chou Chen (陳森洲)Associate Professor D201 4121
 Wen-Hong Tseng (曾文宏)Associate Professor D201 4122
 Chen-Sheng Huang (黃振勝) Associate Professor D102-1 2330
 Jin-Shan Yang (楊金山)Associate Professor D204-3 4132
 Jung-Hsiang Yen (顏榮祥)Associate Professor D204-44133
 Peng-Sen Wang (王鵬森)Assistant Professor T09218121
 Shu-Ling Chen (陳淑玲)Assistant Professor D204-1 4130
 Hsien-Tsung Liao (廖顯宗)Assistant Professor D103-1 4144
 Hui Yan (顏慧)Assistant Professor D2044130
 Bi-Ching Tseng (曾碧卿)Assistant Professor D104-44147
 Hong-Gim Wang (王鴻鈞)Lecturer L2114128
 Ti-Y Tien (田倜宇)Lecturer C1052401

All departments in the College of Business were accredited by ACCSB during August 2014-July 2018.

The College of Business was accredited by AACSB in May 2017.