Department of International Business

 NamePosition OfficeExt. Email
 Ching-Chung Lin (林靖中)Professor S508-85128
 Yea-Jen Tseng (曾雅真)Professor S508-195139
 Gi-Shian Su (蘇吉祥)Associate Professor S508-135133
 Wen-Ko Liang (梁文科)Associate Professor S508-95129
  Chu-Chun Hsu (許竹君)Associate Professor  S508-145134
  Su-Ying Hsu (許淑媖)Associate Professor  S508-115131
 Wei-Chen Yang (楊維珍)Assistant Professor S508-185138
 Mei-Chin Chu (朱美琴)Assistant Professor S508-165136
 Sheng-Chieh Tseng (曾盛杰)Assistant Professor S508-35123
 Yi-Shuo Hung (洪一碩)Assistant Professor S508-145137
 Shu-Ling Chang (張淑玲)Lecturer S508-105130
 Chih-Ming Chan (詹志明)Lecturer S508-25122

All departments in the College of Business were conferred the certificate of ACCSB in June 2014.

The College of Business was conferred the certificate of AACSB in May 2017.